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OFFICIAL- United States Navy (SEALs) Online Recruitment For All Nationality 2018/2019 | Apply Now

Brief Description

The Navy’s Sea, Air and Land Forces – commonly known as SEALs – are expertly trained to deliver highly specialized, intensely challenging warfare capabilities that are beyond the means of standard military forces.

This includes direct action warfare. Special reconnaissance. Counter terorism. Foreign internal defense. When there’s nowhere else to turn, Navy SEALs are in their element. Achieving the impossible by way of critical thinking, sheer willpower and absolute dedication to their training, their missions and their fellow Special Operations team members.

Key Responsibilities

  • Conducting insertions and extractions by sea, air or land to accomplish covert, Special Warfare/Special Operations missions
  • Capturing high-value enemy personnel and terrorists around the world
  • Collecting information and intelligence through special reconnaissance missions
  • Carrying out small-unit, direct-action missions against military targets
  • Performing underwater reconnaissance and the demolition of natural or man-made obstacles prior to amphibious landings

Salary: Earn A $12,000 Enlistment Bonus.

Further payments will be made based on the US NAVY payment structure.

How to Apply

  • First, you will be asked to register for a personal account. This will enable you to complete the online application process all at once or to save your progress and return to complete it at a later date.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provide and you must click on the link it contains to validate your account.
  • After your account has been validated, you will be required to select a user name and password.
  • After providing all the required information as directed, you may then submit your online application. Once received, a Navy Recruiter will contact you to further discuss the information that you provided.
First Name
Last Name
 Phone number
Interested applicants should start application online via the link provided

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  1. Hello, my name is Malik Salik from Mauritania. Every man has a dream that suits him. I love military service and I can go only in operations. I am even more unique in the United States. I am honored to present a US naval exercise. I swear that if I choose, I will do my duty. And I will protect the homeland and honor United States as I protect myself and thank you very much

    • My name is nancy I’m interrest in joining u.s military I swear if get picked I swear I will serve to do the duty and help to srve people and the country………..and to stop terrorist…breaking laws…..

    • Djevenson St valin

      Muy Buenas Tardes,
      Me pongo en contacto con ustedes al referencia de esta publicación.Pues, Mi nombre es Djevenson ST VALIN soy Licenciado en Psicología general. Estoy interesado en unirme a su equipo de Navy Seals. Sería un gran placer para poder formar parte del proceso de selección. Psy.Djevenson St valin

    • iam interested.

  2. Very interest to join the US Navy SEALs

  3. I would be very pleased to work as an undercover secret agent to stop terrorism and detect cyber crime. I do not think that it would be a problem for me as I am already a police detective in my country and I also attended an ISS AFRICA SERMINAR which was held at SANDTON in SOUTH AFRICA in 2015 and obtained certification of attendance.
    Last but not least , I am a very INTELLIGENT and SECRETIVE person who can be trustworthy to find useful information, desseminate it at an expected time, as well as being able to do operations which could be imposed on me at the expected time.

  4. Yes I want apply this job.

  5. i wish to be recruited by the world best navy seal to serve god and country and to protect the nation

  6. I am interested to be in Seals

  7. Im from Swaziland and I would really love to work for the United States Navy (Seal),I. fell in love with the U.S Army ehen I was still in school,watching movies like Battleship,Black Hawk,Lone Survivor etc.I’m 21 years old now

  8. Hi i am Ramesh wagle from npal i have experience in nepal admy can i apply this job plzz

  9. If my application was successfull
    Please do contact me to the
    Email address provided.

  10. Kadje Mbika Narcisse

    Je suis un jeune gabonais diplômé en licence professionnelle en informatique je souhaite être recruté dans l’armée americaine et y faire carrière merci de bien vouloir me donner les condition afin que cela soit effectif

    • pegoue yamdeu kevin platini

      Salut je mapelle kevin je suis un jeune camerounais de 26 ans je mesure 1.84m,pèse 90kg et jaimerais integrer armée américaine..Quels sont les procedures à suivre s’il vous plaît?

  11. My name is patrice kassafaye am a boy with 21years olds ,my tail is 1,90,am interested in this job witch is seal i will be interesting if i get this job thank you

  12. where is the link to register online as a navy SEAL

  13. Thank you so much for giving us opportunity for being a USA Nevy recruitment.

  14. Taniela delaisavui goneva

    I am very interested ..How do i apply..

  15. Interested


    Am interested and its the third time am applying I started with the British army

  17. Theogene Twagirimana

    I love the US Army and the people of the United States of America

    God bless America

  18. very interested to serve the greatest nation as a nevy seal

  19. Je suis intéressé par ce recrutement, comment faire pour y accéder ?!

  20. Akindolani Ayomide Damilola Victor

    I will love to join The USA Navy

  21. I would love to use my many talents to assit in the continous development of the Us army

  22. I would love to join

  23. Je me nomme kouassi yao ivoirien j’aimerais bien intégré ce prestigieux corps d’élite qu’est les Neavy seals

  24. Je me nomme kouassi yao Armand je souhaite intégré ce prestigieux corps d’élite

  25. I need it.

  26. I’m wondering if this is true or not? Can someone reply back an let me know..cause I’m interested.but I don’t one to send personal information just so..

  27. Will love to join. How can I apply

  28. ELIE Mbarga NGUELE

    interrested darlymbarga@gmail. com

  29. interested

  30. im interested to join the army

  31. Victor Odhiambo Ombee

    I am interested in Joining the US Navy SEAL

  32. Piankeu Manfouo Cyrille

    I will love to become one of the army forces un the USA

  33. would like to join

  34. Being United station navy was one of my best dream that I work so hard so that I can achieve it and 22 year old and I also swear of protecting the country law and myself.

  35. Pouvons intégrer hors les USA

  36. Tibanye George Banaamwine

    I am interested in the armed forces. Is a place where my heart and if given the opportunity, I will serve to the best of my ability. I’m ready to uphold the laws of USA anf defend the country at all times when call on

  37. Koroi Vilisi Naivakariqo

    I’m intrested joining US Navy and I’m loving it cause its bring discipline life…and I also admire it cause US is a big country….

  38. To be part of your organisation would also be a great opportunity to broaden and develop my skills,and iam interested to join the army

  39. I’m interested in being part of Navy Seal Team

  40. I’m called Ekane Stanley mengale I’m interested in working in the US Navy I love the job so much

  41. how will i get the forms to apply

  42. Daffie Aumari Vaieke

    I’m Interested, please send me the online application link.

  43. very interested

  44. I am intrested

  45. My name is jese ulacake a student at the university I’m interested to join the army ,as to why I wanna help my family which whereby my father is about to retire.

  46. Je suis fière de l’armée américaine un modèle pour le monde entier et depuis tout petit c’est mon rêve de l’intégrer pour ce faire je suis à ça sur le psychologique comme physique je maîtrise l’anatomie de base et je suis inscris en licence de criminologie

  47. Am from Ghana and wish you could give me the opportunity

  48. Je suis fière de l’armée américaine un modèle pour le monde entier et depuis tout petit c’est mon rêve de l’intégrer pour ce faire je suis à ça sur le psychologique comme physique je maîtrise l’anatomie de base et je suis inscris en licence de criminologie merci pour votre attention.

  49. I’m interested to join the army..

  50. I am interested to join the US Navy Seals

  51. Am interested in joining the navy

  52. Je suis vraiment intéressé l’âge limite est combien je répond au 0022670627161

  53. Hello,I’m from highlands of papua new guinea. I always dream of becoming a seal since my early childhood. If I could be considered, I would greatly appreciate it..

  54. Jesoni Vakaweleivalu

    I want to apply with this employment. Please contact me by an email provided below.

  55. Aaron Andrew Singh

    I’m interested in going the navy seals

  56. Really interested

  57. Felix Akumiah Adjartey

    From Ghana I am really interested

  58. Sailosi rokovucago

    I want to join the navy.

  59. Samueli Taninacule

    I have always been interested in military services and i would really love to join the US navy seal

  60. I am pleased to have a such a opportunity

  61. I woul like to join the army

  62. Im interested

  63. I’m in love wuth US navy.!

  64. I love to join…. How can i apply?

  65. Interested

  66. I’m really interested

  67. I love USA army, so inspiring.

  68. I’m 21 from Papua New Guinea interested in joining the USA Navy force.l want to comply please how can l join the seal. Papua New Guinea is lacking in recruitment process so l suggest my enthusiasm.

    Email me :korousamie43@gmail.com

  69. Very much interested give me the link to apply please.

  70. Hallo
    I am interested to join army, pls contact me as soon as you can.

  71. I’m really interested.
    But how will I apply?

  72. I’m interested please and I love this job..I am a plumber tradesman..

  73. I am interested

  74. I am interest to join US navy..

  75. Im interested….always dreamt of being in the navy SEALS

  76. Hello,

    I am very interested.How can i join? My mail is doutilolip@gmail.com.


  77. Hello my name is Joel pene i am in Democratic Republic of Congo, I like to join the Us navy,i have a diploma and i speak very good french.

  78. I want to spend the rest of my life making the world safe for those I love and everyone in general. Please allow me do this. Let me fight for peace.

  79. I like to be part of the army team . .I’m responsible for doing my duty if I am one of those

  80. i am a 20 year old kenyan with ambition to serve in military as i am physically,medically and mentally fit….i have the ability to withstand harsh conditions and also able to run for more than 10miles without stoping making me a compétence candidate for the job….

    pls consider me…

    • I’m interested to join the US Seals as this is one of my dream. I am from Papua New Guinean. I’m 27 yrs old active young man.

  81. Hello I would like to apply

  82. Je suis intéressé de faire partie cette armée

  83. Tsida tsague Clovis bris

    Je suis jeune camerounais s’exprimant en français et en anglais, désirant faire partir des vôtres. Merci de bien vouloir me repondre

  84. Am from Papua New Guinea. Am interested to join the seals.

    Thank you in advance..
    Anthony TIBAU

  85. Interested in joining the US Navy

  86. Hi I will like to be part of the team.

  87. Je suis vraiment intéressé

  88. Andrew N. Massaquoi

    I’m interested being part of the Navy ( amassaquoi53@yahoo.com) +231886715415 cell number

  89. I loved to join ever since USA is in my blood and it will be a great honor for me to serve them.

  90. Bonjour je suis intéressé par ce recrutement

  91. +254,real wish to join the seals .am Bernard karema.waitin for your response.

  92. How can i Apply?

  93. My name is Romano and I’m from Suriname. I’m interested in becoming a navy seals. How can I apply?

  94. Suleiman Dalhatu Purdue

    Very Interested

  95. Theogene Twagirimana

    I love
    my dream country the United States of America especially US Army

    God loves America

  96. I really wish to work in USA forces so that I would try my level best to fight terrorism menace in the world..

  97. I am interested to join the US Navy SEAL

  98. Buule Gregory demris

    Am ex militia in Uganda people’s defense forces and am 25yrs of age and served before in Iraq and in Libya and I worked I was in special forces command which was in charge of presidential protectorate, I think I can work with you guys, am called lieutenant buule

  99. I am very interested to join the U.S military and fight the terrorist.

  100. I am interested. How to apply pls

  101. I am interested
    Does anyone know how to apply pls

  102. Joining military force was my childhood desire, but due to high corruption in my country I could make it.I hope you will make dream come through.

  103. Please how should apply this job?

  104. Je suis intéressé par la marine américaine.je laisse mon adresse mail


  106. I greatly respect the Navy SEALS, and I would have the honor of joining them

  107. This is mmy dream job. But what’s the application procedures?

  108. Je voudrais intégré la nevy pour aider les USA a sécuriser les eau américaine.

  109. I am interested, mosahalfred@yahoo.com. 00237 678031867. Cameroon,

  110. Je suis prêt

  111. Charline kirungi ursula

    I really need to be in the navy seals need to fly those machines

  112. Lorima Korovitala


  113. So interested in joining the team

    • Je suis un haïtien, qui a un rêve, le rêve est postulé dans l’âme américaine, et a servi le territoire américain

      Merci beaucoup

  114. I would love to join the seal

  115. Interested
    Willing to join

  116. My name is Jamelia Smith Im from Jamaica and I would be an honor to be selected as I have always had great respect for the law and what it standstands for. Please contact me at smithjamelia16@ymail.com thank you

  117. Ibrahim Wailare Tukur

    I fell in love with the SEAl since I was kid. That makes me try Nigerian Navy and I was successful to pass all the requirements up to facing board, but I was unlucky to be shortlisted in the final list. I know one day I will join navy in either of world part.

  118. I would like to share my experiences .

  119. It’s with my pleasure to save the US navy
    I will be happy if I die for Amarica
    That is wish Pls help

  120. interested

  121. Abiassi .T.A. Grégoire

    Pour la lutte contre le pirate maritime je voulais intégré dans la Navy pour la protection de nos bien

  122. Daniel Essuman Nyadu

    i want to be part of the USA Navy

  123. I really nid that opportunity pliz to join ur force

  124. I’m really interested in joining the this team! SEALS NAVY USA

  125. Very much interested


    I’m a 31 years old Kenyan man in the Kenya Defence Forces (Kenya Navy ) I have also served as a Military Police for five years. I have always been very interested in joning the USA Military and I feel this is my chance.


    I’m a 31 years old serving in the Kenya Defence Forces Navy. I’m a marine engine technician. Moreover, I have skills in intelligence and policing as will be shown on my resume. I’m interested in jooning the world’s most powerful Navy, USA Navy SEAL. If considered, I’ll do my best to maintain the high standards of the force. So help me God.

  128. Ague Jean-luc Baggio

    Navy SEALs c’est un rêve pour moi

  129. I would love to join… “Interesting”

  130. Je voidrais intégré la Navy Americaine pour aider les États-Unis a combattre pour gader sa grande Puissance devant toute les autres Nations pour l’éternité.
    Je vous laisse mon numéro de telephone et mon mail.
    Tel : +50940488511
    Mail : Mikedine22@gmail.com

    Merci pour l’intégration

  131. Romulus Jean Junior

    Army is a emploiment or job contract

  132. hi i am interested in joining the US Army

  133. Am 29 years,born in Kenya and Kenyan citizen, I would love to join the forces

  134. I am from Papua New Guinea and I am very interested to join the US Seal team.

  135. Salut, je me nomme Barry Abdoulaye je suis guinéen et je vis en guinée précisément à Conakry. Je suis diplômé en droit, pour finir je veux que vous portez attention à ma candidature je suis à tomber pour l’intérêt de l’humanité et des états unis en particulier. Merci pour votre compréhension…

    • Salut, je me nomme Barry Abdoulaye je suis guinéen et je vis en guinée précisément à Conakry. Je suis âgé de 22ans et je suis diplômé en Droit. Je suis vraiment intéressé et je suis prêt aussi à mourir pour le bien de l’humanité et des états unis en particulier. Merci pour votre compréhension…

  136. I’m interested and its my dream joining the navy

  137. Yes i am interested in this recruitment

  138. Iliesa Tikinibati

    Bula im definitely interested how can i apply please reply back

  139. Im interested to join.

  140. Im interested to it

  141. am interested

  142. Am interested.. How can I apply

  143. Interested how can I apply for the job

  144. Emmanuel Amponsah - Adari

    I am Emmanuel Amponsah from Ghana, I want to know how to join us navy

  145. I would love to join the Navy Seals if given opportunity

  146. Joining Navy SEAL is my dream come true!!!

  147. Emmanuel Amponsah - Afari

    I am Emmanuel Amponsah from Ghana, I want to know how to join the US Navy

  148. andrew Wayne Dennis

    I want in

  149. I am from Ghana I would like to work with you guys

  150. Very much intrested..

  151. Am from Kenya and really interested in military training. If given a chance I’ll uphold with the regulations and the core values.
    Thanks in advance

  152. Theogene Twagirimana

    Hello am Theogene Twagirimana,Rwandese and 26 old

    i’m interested to join The US navy seal with ambition to serve the United States of America Army especially Navy seal.

    I’ve ability to fight against the terrorist
    Am against the terrorism all over the world.

    make my dreams come true.

  153. Im a heavy duty mechanic very enrgic and hard working boy who would abide with all the rules and regulations that abides with the job please help me.

  154. Bula from the beautiful Islands of Fiji. I would love to be part of the US Army. Ive seen and heard so much about the history of the US Armed Forces..heroism and patrinism. If given the chance, I would love serve your county. Like how we say here in Fiji, Vinakavakalevu and Thank You.


    bonjour j’aimerais avoir le lien pour postuler en ligne suis interessé

  156. J’attends la réaction !

  157. Bula I’m iliesa Tikinibati from Fiji Islands Im 24 years of of age and im interested but couldn’t find the application form could you please help me.
    God bless*

  158. I have got so much interest to seal it always been a dream….am from Nigeria… Please how do I come in? 08064412896

  159. Manoj Kumar agree

    It will be very great for me if I will be the part for US Army. This is my mail 🆔, plz reply me.

  160. Am Samuel Naphtali from nigeria am 23 years old of age am 1.6 in height I have the physical fitness a military personnel requires I would love to serve in Us navy seal and as a diver man , the navy diver is not a fighting man but a saving Jasper please I would love to be given the opportunity to display my potential I will be waiting for your consideration sir

  161. Am interested for joining us Navy if I get a chance.

  162. Ihave always been intersted in military services and Iwould really love to join the US Navy seal.

  163. Am really interested to help you guys to fight again terrorist

  164. Am Daniel than am from Togo ,how can I join us navy? Am ready to take part in.

  165. Really Interested in recruit but how can I apply

  166. I’m Israel Sipoixie and I’m from Papua New Guinea. A country north of Australia..
    I’m highly respect the SEAL very much and I want to join the SEAL TEAM to highly served and also help in combatting the increasing terrorism around the world..

  167. send me the link please

  168. Would like to join you


    Bjr je me nomme MFOR TANYI Ayuk leonel ,je suis de nationalité camerounaise et diplôme en sciences politiques. Je suis très intéressé par le recrutement dans l armée américaine. Raison pour laquelle je voudrais m engager entièrement.
    Yaoundé . Cameroun


    Bonjour ou bonsoir je me nomme MFOR TANYI Ayuk Leonel. Je Suis de nationalité camerounaise diplôme d une licence en sciences politiques. Je suis très intéressé par le recrutement dans l armée américaine et je suis prêt à poser ma candidature.
    Cameroun, Yaoundé

  171. Salut je me nomme Ricardo, jeune haïtien dévoué facile à adapter et capable de bien travailler. J’ai vu la publication de La Navy américaine, donc je souhaite intégrer pour servir l’état unis avoir un emploie stable, afin de faire ma vie réaliser mes grandes projets. Je ne sais les procédure, si vous me faire par des informations les plus amples je serai ravis.
    Je vous laisse mon email ricardoamisial90@gmail.com
    Et aussi mes cordonnées pour être plus directe +5093328-5703/+5093122-3619
    Merci déjà pour les informations et l’intégration dans la nLa Navy l’une des forces spécialiser des États Unis!

  172. Give as information how we can apply for recrutment.

  173. Siempre e deseado entrar en la marina. Me gustaría q me ayuden. Estoy dispuesto y tengo 18 años. 0991559267

  174. I submit this application to be recruited as a US Navy.

  175. Bonsoir.
    On m’appelle Lionel.Je désire ardemment entrer dans la U.S NAVY.

  176. Hello
    I would love to join the US navy

  177. I. Really love the military I will very happy to be apart of ur service an to serve an protect your country I also have 6 months of military training experience I’m 23 years old an I’m from Guyana

  178. Am interested. How can i join? Am 25 years from Papua New Guinea. Please advice me on how to go about with the application.

  179. Am from Papua New Guinea and i am intrested and would like to join your organization(Navy Seals). I am 25 years old..

    Mark Gabana

  180. Am Louisa yalayala 22 Year of age n i love to serve the us navy

  181. interesado, como consigo el enlace de registro?

  182. I am from Papua New Guinea and am interested and would like to join your organization (USA Navy Seals). I am 25 years old.

    Mark Gabana

  183. Makereta Ratauvata

    I’m interested…
    Its only consider males only or females too?

  184. interested

  185. I am interested to be in navy seal…how can I apply!?

  186. I am jonathan evovo and am 28..

  187. Semi Junior Saulaki

    Sir,would like to join your military training

  188. Semi Junior Saulaki

    Iam 39 years and I love to join your Navy training am 6ft 2inches tall weight 95kg and would like to serve you country as a Navy sir

  189. I am interrested

  190. Interested

  191. Duane Mata'afa Grey

    I wanna join.

  192. Please am interested

  193. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am interested. I am currently working as a Civil Engineer and I am from Papua New Guinea.

    Thank you
    John Sohaga

  194. I am interested but don’t know how to apply. Need help please

  195. Me interesa mi numero +59179828145

  196. Dear madam/sinir

    Honestly this thing was being my dream to join, and I’m happy that I’m gonna get a chance to,
    I want to be onear of those navy that serve and protect America and also different countries.

    Your truly
    Joseph cain

  197. Tientcheu Raoul Martial

    I’m interested. How to apply ? My email is raoullegrand@yahoo.fr

  198. Ratu Sailosi Sirisirivalu

    Bula Vinaka,Greetings from the Fiji Islands ,it would be an honour to be part of Navy Seals.Kindly requesting further recruitment process.

  199. Je suis intérêssé,niveau d’études terminale avec BAC mon contac22546644670

  200. Hanna Nghishilenapo 22 years 1,70 cm from Namibia

  201. I shall serve but with passion and enthusiasm.

  202. I want to apply but there is no link where I can go to submit my application?

  203. Yes, am interested.

  204. I am very much interested in joining US Navy. I am young and energetic, I am ready to take up the challenge.

    Thank you

  205. Hello my name is lurenza Atkinson am 24 years old,5ft 11inch physically fit and ready to be a part of the US Navy seal. As a Jamaican that love the army I am happy that this opportunity is going to be give the to persons outside the US I can be contacted at any given time thank you.

  206. Dir/Sir/Madam

    I want to join plz invite me

  207. I am interested

  208. I am desperately needed this opportunity i want to joint

  209. Im interested…

  210. I’m so interested how would I join?

  211. Am a Kenyan citizen aged 32 years. Working in the forces is my ambition. Protecting the citizens is my call. Living in the USA is mi wish. I submit my application for considerations to fulfil my dream. Looking forward to your considerate reply. Thanks

  212. I’m Jack Benbiah from Liberia I have great motivation to become a U S Navy ,I will be very much glad if you contact me to be one of U S NAVY. This is my email address, jackbenbiah.1992@gmail.com or by +2310770116964.

  213. I always wanted to be a soldier.

  214. I would like to be recruited by the USA Navy Seal

  215. Iam interested, could you please send me the application form..
    Iam a citizen of Papua New Guinea and I’m interested in joining the US Navy Seal’s..

  216. Bula,
    Sir I’m very interested in joining the seal team and im 27years of age. And please reply back to me for how i can apply. And I’m staying all the way in fiji. ..
    Thank you for your time.

  217. I’m very much interested.

  218. Ibrahima Kalil Komara

    My name is Ibrahima Kalil Komara.
    I am 34 years old
    I’m graduated from the Hight Institut of Mining and Geology of Boke (Guinea). Iam very intérêts to join the US Navy Seal. I am muslim and I know it is very hard accept a muslim cause is how much of the bad muslim are behave. But if I am selected I will honor my words and protect the United States of America like I am doing for my country which is Guinea.

  219. Hi I’m interested to join the US Navy.

    Please send me information on how I can apply.



  220. I’m interested to join the USA Navy

  221. Solomone Biumaiono

    I am very much interested

  222. Eboumbou essoukan christian charles

    Je suis intéressé j’aimerais bien vous rejoindre et servir avec courage a vos côtés former une nouvelle famille et en faire partie

  223. My name is Lucas Mendes.
    I am Brazilian born, I have the dream of serving the American Navy.
      It would be realization of my dream to be able to exercise some function.
    telephone: 55 38 997427010.
    Email: Lucasmenndes20@homtmail.com
    I’m 23 years old.
    I look forward to a return.

  224. I am pretty much excited to serve worldwide always. I think its a great chance to build a strong career too.

  225. Je suis, saintmarc, james j’ai, 26/ans, je veux faire partie l’armer americain mon père et ma mère rève mon idéer mon pays s’appelle haïti mon numero de tel phone +50947698922 nous les haïtiens ne croyez pas dans mon age parceque nous sommes dur moi je suis techh ien construction batiment

  226. Anthony D. Johnson

    Want to apply but not seeing any link to click on. Hope you can send me the link through my email aj3335398@gmail.com. Thank you

  227. Bonjour, je suis Chery judes. J’aimerais integrer votre equipe (l’arme American) j’ai 25ans. Telephone +509 36391-862 E-mail: judechery90@gmail.com. déjà in grand merci a vouz.

  228. gyamfi twumasi David

    Please what is the age requirement, am 35 years and very interested to join

  229. My name is sekope Daunitoko im 29 from fiji and i wana joint the US ARMY im interested

  230. Interested, its job of my dream

  231. Hellow, I’m interested for joining the US Navy and I don’t wanna miss this apportunity coz I’ve been waiting for this.

  232. Abdulfatai Ayodimeji Yusuf

    Wheree is the link because i can’t see it here

  233. very much interested…

  234. ONADJA Fulgence Wend-Deda

    La marine Americaine est extraordinaire et y faire parti serai un rève réalisé

  235. I’m Emmanuel F Kamara from Liberia and I’m interested in joining the Navy

  236. I am a Ghanaian and I am much interested to join because I have what it takes to be a seal and I really want to join the service.
    So please send me the link so that I can apply and I can assure you that, you won’t regret ever giving me the chance to join.

  237. Je suis intéressée et partant à ces postes

  238. I’m Dmytro Prostapchuk from Ukraine, 22 years old, and i intersted protect natonally interest, country and peoples United States of America.
    How to join to SEALS or Marine Corps??

  239. Mubiala katala gaetan

    bonjour je m’appel gaetan Mubiala,j’aimerai integrer ce programme,quelle est la procedure à suivre

  240. Since i was born , i was dreaming to be a soldier principaly in navy to the sea i love water i know swim. I’m 21years old i have my advanced level. If you can me that chance to realise my dream i will you that you haven’t made a wrong choice please choose me. Thanks you

  241. How to join?
    Please tell my how to join?

  242. How can I join?

    Please email gibsongala@gmail.com

  243. Mere Tabuavuvu Qiolevu

    Im really intrested in joining the US navy

  244. Whats Up.. Im very very interested to join USA NAVY.

    Please send me information about that .

  245. Am interested to join the SEALS TEAM.

  246. Ateca nawaqavolau

    Just email me if I’m getting an opportunity.

  247. Hello, my name is Gerard Manahave and I’m a primary school teacher currently teaching at present. I am very interested in joining the SEAL’S,please enlist me.

  248. Dear sir I am ANANE EMMANUEL from Ghana and I am interested please .
    Or amaningemmanuel16@yahoo.com

  249. Hello. My name is. Sammy Gichuhi from Kenya. I would love to workin the USA Navy Seals… I am interested sir..

  250. I am intersted and i will be happy to work for the navy

  251. Hi am Albert omagwa and ill be glad to be one of you so as to serve the Navy seal group

  252. Bonjour moi c’est Juju Justin je suis camerounais d’origine. Ce métier me fascine depuis mon enfance je suis âgé de 26 ans je suis vraiment intéressé je suis titulaire d’un bacc+2 en géographie mon numéro est+ 237 650034878

  253. Interested

  254. It’s my dream of joint the army to serve the country, I would love to join the army. Please help me apply. Thank you.

  255. It is so good ,to fight terrorism .i wish i will be yours…

  256. Nwachukwu Timothy

    My name is Nwachukwu Timothy. All my life I’ve lived and noctured on passion and that is military.I have been training all my life and waiting for this. Am 6ft 2inch tall and I have a sporting physique. I will be so grateful if am admitted into the system . Am humble and loyal …always .

  257. I’m Asotaibe wisdom by name
    Am interested to join the SEALS team
    Phone no: +2348160436097

  258. Am ready to join the Navy

  259. I’m very interested to join the U Navy, this will be a dream come true for me. I’m a 24yeara old Nigerian


    I am really interested in the USA naval job so I can deliver my best

  261. I am very much interested in joining the U.S Navy Seals as it was my dream and with this online application it would be a dream come true for me. Please could you please provide me the link for the online application through my email in which I can use to fill out an online application form.

  262. I’m interested contect me

  263. I’m a aviation firefighters if any possible way I can get accepted please do inform me

  264. je suis jeune âgé de 22ans. j’ai quelques notions de l’armée suite à mes études au collège militaire Eyadema du Togo. Tout mon désir est de poursuivre dans le domaine militaire.

  265. I am really intrested.

  266. Waldring Petit Homme


  267. Birshu elvis verlonka

    i am a Cameroonian and i have good dreams to join international well recognized and uncorrupted military like American military.
    if it comes true i will be ready to maintain the professional ethics till the end.

  268. Amonalalai Ginigima

    I need more information please. Matter fact, I’m stimulated by such an opportunity. All in honesty, I’m interested.
    Thank you

  269. i am from cameroon. and i am interested. how do i apply?

  270. Assoh josé koffi noel

    Please give me more information to join us navy

  271. Je suis motivé pour integrer les forces speciales

  272. Am auto mechanic know how to repair and maintain Japan and Korea diesel engine. very interested in this job

  273. Je suis un jeune gabonais agé de plus de 20 ans qui souhaite faire carrière dans l’armé américaine.

  274. Jexer Cielos Morales

    I am willing to join in Navy Seals. 27y/o frm Philippines

  275. I would love to be part of the US navy.

  276. Nicholas moonessar

    I would love to join your establishment

  277. I am interested I love to do intelligent job and flying also.

  278. j’aimerais intégré votre armée et servir la navy

  279. Comment faire pour postuler? je veux bien faire partir des Navy

  280. I’m looking forward sir

  281. Agyemang Yeboah Dennis

    US Navy I will love to be part, it has been my dream for so long

  282. Agyemang Yeboah Dennis

    I need that job US Navy

  283. Hello, je suis davidson sidney je suis de nationalité haitienne, j’aimerais bien être un soldat aide moi a être récruité en US ARMY je suis intérréssé de tout mon coeur et de tout mon ame, merci beaucoup

  284. Hello, je suis davidson sidney je suis de nationalité haitienne, j’aimerais bien être un soldat aide moi a être récruité en US NAVY je suis intérréssé de tout mon coeur et de tout mon ame j’ai 23 ans, merci beaucoup

  285. I am interested to join the us navy seal

  286. Send all the information here please:


    Very interested

  287. It was my dream to be a soldier in the military…
    I am currently studying mechanical Engineering in Papua New Guinea University of technology…
    I would greatly like to serve as a navy seal….it would be a dream come true for me…….

  288. DELIUS Djhond-mica

    Je suis un jeune haïtien diplômé en diplômé en informatique je souhaite être recruté dans l’armée americaine et y faire carrière merci de bien vouloir me donner les condition afin que cela soit effectif

  289. olinguene edzegue Éric olivier pépin

    Jeune camerounais physique 1,90m 90kg

  290. DELIUS Djhond-mica

    I’am interested

  291. Completed my 12th grade and interested in joining USA Army.
    I am turning 21 in february 2018

  292. Am interested in joining the american military

  293. je suis souhaite integrer l’arme americaine pour faire une ma carriere professionnelle

  294. je suis souhaite integrer l’arme americaine pour faire une ma carriere professionnelle.

  295. I am interested
    May I have an application form,,

  296. Joel Jourdan Asaah Forchesiri

    hello,am a Cameroonian of age 22years and i know am able and capable to be in the Navy.am highly interested.

  297. Blaise Tekoh Tebit

    I would love to serve in a great nation’s defense force.
    blaisetebittekoh@gmail.com my email

  298. Kouakou maxime besse

    J’ai 32ans j’exerce déjà comme militaire de la gendarmerie en côte d’ivoire ça serait un plaisir d’intégrer les forces spéciales pour lutter plus contre le terrorisme en Afrique de l’ouest d’où je suis originaire

  299. Hello
    I am very interested in recruitment.But I have no link to register
    please send me the link by mail ayivi.roland@gmail.com or 0022997549631

  300. I’m interested. Please can you give me some directions

  301. I am Very much interested to join the Navy Seals.

  302. I would love to be part please

  303. Hi! I am very interested,i love military service with all my heart!

  304. Bonjour, j’ai envie de m’engager dans l’armée de terre ou bien l’armée de l’air, seulement sans diplôme en poche, j’aimerais donc suivre une formatons militaire surtout pour les Navy Seals une Unité d’Elite que j’adore en espérant une suite favorable de votre par.

    Voila, merci beaucoup pour vos réponses d’avance.


  305. I’m very much interested to join the navyseals

  306. Hae sir? My names are Antony Kamande from Kenya and I have in me the passion of serving in the millitary since young. Thanks as you look forward towards my request

  307. Davis Bakunzi Rwakiseeta

    I cant find the link to apply through

  308. Hi hello, I’m from Papua New Guinea, 22 year old and I’m very much interested for this great opportunity. How do I apply?

  309. Je veux servir du côté de la marine des États Unis d’Amérique pour leur détermination dans leur manière d’agir. Parce que je suis moi même un garçon déterminé je sais que nous pouvons ensemble. Yes we can

  310. Je veux bien

  311. Will love to join the Navy force for it’s my dream field of work

  312. je suis vraiment motivé à servir ce pays au travers de son armée

  313. I am Gregory Tabereng ,23 years,from Papua New Guinea and I’m interested in joining the Navy Seals

  314. Um interested…My name is Mike Maseko from Botswana

  315. Um interested

  316. Um interested in joining the US Navy Seals

  317. This been my dream to a US Navy

  318. Interested

  319. Am interested

  320. Please I am really interested my name is Garry Logo , I am 28 years of ages and since I am have a avionics aircrafts Background I would like to apply for these opportunities.

  321. Am Gabriel yce from Tanzania,,,,am interested to work for Us miqllitary

  322. wycliffe odhiambo otieno

    Hi am wycliffe
    and am interested for the job

  323. Je suis prêt et déterminé à faire partir de la marine américaine

  324. Ce serait un honneur de servir le USnavy. Mais il n’y a pas de lien pour postuler. Envoyez le nous svp

  325. N'guessan alain roger

    Je suis interesse par ce metier

  326. N'guessan alain roger

    Je suis militaire et jaimerai poursuivre ma formation dans ce corps darmee pour lutter contre le terrorisme dans le monde et et surtout en afrique

  327. i am very interested to US Navy (SEAL)

  328. Tekom Joseph Tifuh


  329. Tekom Joseph Tifuh

    Interested will love to hear from you

  330. Help us with the link nah please


    Am interested in the Navy Job.am a qualified Marine Navigation Officer

  332. MORE MBONDI Guy Hermann

    I am a young cameronian 25 old of, and I am ready to raise all the challenges

  333. Am interesting to do the job.

  334. Dear sir / madam, I am so interested in the job. I have been wishing that one day I will join the US Navy SEAl maybe this is my opportunity. I will be so grateful if am selected. Thanks.

  335. I’m very interested in joining the US SEAL.

  336. Interested to join the Seal to bring democracy to people in world.

  337. I’m very interested in joining the US SEAL

  338. Hi my name is Sepakin Toraso. I am very interested to join US Navy Seal and offer my best. I have recently graduated from from the University of Papua New Guinea.

  339. How can I apply??

  340. Kudakwashe Autry Rusenza

    Im interested, email rusenzaautry@gmail.com

  341. Milan subba kandangwa


  342. Really love to join the US Navy Seals.

  343. Dear Sir/Madam, My name Is Nemani Yacalevu and I’m from Fiji. This was always been my dream to become A Navy Seal of United States. I promise that I will serve and honour your country with all of my heart and my soul to save people’s lives and stop terrorism,etc.

  344. kunaiTaqele Nayaravoro

    Bula… I’m Taqele nayaravoro, 25 years of age, I’m a Fijian and i like to show you guys that I’m intrested in joining the US Navy,..pliz contact me through my email .nayaravoro@gmail.com,…or call my cellphone number.. 9584151…hope to hear from you soon…

  345. Hello sir…my name is Charles Yacalevu, im from Fiji and im 18 years of age…Sir i am willing to do anything even if its that hard i’d do it cause i want to be in the team…Sir to be honest i am not afraid of death and sir if i might be picked i promise that ill work with honesty and with all my best and also with all my heart…It would be an honour for me to represent someone else’s country….Sir for futher information you can contact me on my email charlesyacalevu1433@gmail.com or you can contact me on +6799976100…Sir your reply to my message will be highly appreciated.

  346. Je suis intéressé

  347. Md. Shakhawat khan

    Hi, I am very interested in cobat and tactical subjects. It will be great opportunity and a mark of privilege for me if I have a chance to serve US Navy seals.

  348. I’m interested. …I promise to give my best and my life if I’m selected. It’s always my dream to join the world’s greatest

  349. I am interested in joining the SEAL team

  350. Waisake Aimatai Dreketidua

    im interested

  351. So very much interested

  352. Jean Danielson Sédrick

    Bonjour !!! Je suis vraiment intéresseré et je voulais intégrer l’armée Américaine.

  353. Ebenezer nana Ayisi

    Am very interested

  354. Am McGill B.Mulbah, I’m a twenty two years old Liberian
    I’m interested being part of the seal.


  356. I am Morris Saul from Papua New Guinea and I would really love to Serve the US Navy Seals with honour.

  357. I am Mufore Barti from Papua New Guinean and I am really interested join the US Seals Team. Email me the links to register and apply online.

  358. je suis un jeune congolais agé de 26 ans et aimerai servir dans l armée américaine

  359. Interested in joining I’m a current serving member in my country

  360. I hv filed all my details in order to aid me apply for the job

  361. Yes I join Sir.

  362. Solely interested.
    If picked, promise to uphold and adhere to my duty/responsibilities

  363. This is a biggest opportunity to see young and able people from countries around the world get enlisted into the US Navy SEALS. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

    Papua New Guinea

  364. I am very much interested in joining the US Navy SEALS. Please consider me as your potential applicant.


    Papua New Guinea

  365. Mamadou aliou diallo

    My name is Mamadou Aliou Diallo i am 24 i want these job and i always dream to be an American soldier. I swear that i will do duty. Thank you for the opportunity.

  366. Njutapmvui Matthieu Legrand

    hello i will like to apply

  367. Sainivalati navuku

    I’m so interested in this

  368. Im so wanting to apply for this job

  369. jonas hmberto bolivar


  370. Md. Shakhawat khan

    It is my dream to severe a noble profession like this

  371. Ratu Manoa Durusolo

    I’m really interested in joining the SEALs

  372. I can’t find the link to apply online. Can someone direct me to the reliable link please? Interested

  373. Im interested .

  374. Am Michael Brown Odoom from Ghana in the west African. Am very interested and i will very grateful if you considered my application . long live America and the president ..

  375. My name is Collins S Fallah. I am interested in joining the NAVY.

  376. Very useful information. Thankyou

  377. Ibrahim Adamu Nasiru

    Am much interested. Am praying that God will help me so that I will be part of it
    because it’s my dream work

  378. Am interested, contact me ASAP..

  379. I love to join this job

  380. I’m interested..From Sénégal

  381. Interested.

  382. Thanks for the information am soo interested and i love the navy

  383. Thanks for the information and I love to seal cause am a merchants marine and I love the navy and ready to join the US NAVY to fight against terrorism

  384. I really want to join the army.

  385. I’m intrested

  386. Renato Reyes Osuna

    Hello friends, I’m interested in belonging to the navy of the world, it’s a great opportunity to apply.
    I am a young man of 28 years old with many desires of superation, I count with skill, and all the intension of being able to apply, if you can give me the opportunity I will give everything I have. I also have experience in national security of Guatemala.

  387. Am from Kenya, this would be a dream come true. Passion at its best. Thank you.

  388. i am intrested

  389. wycliffe odhiambo otieno

    dear sir/madam
    i am interested
    wycliffe odhiambo otieno


    • Send me application link please

      • Olaniyan Tobi Alexander

        Well as have said before if am destiny to serve the US Navy surely I will serve them with utmost honor of my life, so its an honor for me to serve in the US Navy am gladly interested to be part of the US Navy.

  391. Iam interested.

  392. I am Bangladeshi. I want too join U.S. Navy Seal.
    I don’t find the link.Provide me the apply now link.


    Cher monsieur je suis intéressé par cette opportunit

  394. Am looking forward to join the Navy seals and promose to improve your service.thank you.

  395. Ewane Ehade Yves Herve

    I’m really interested in joining the team

  396. +233246155564

  397. yes okz i was understoods

  398. yes okz i was understoods

  399. yes i was in these joinings this in miletery in seals so goods

  400. Moape Ravula Ralulu

    I am desperate to join this awesome team inorder to support my family

  401. i am ionterested




  403. interested


    je suis intéressée, et je serai ravi de faire partie des forces armées américaines.

  405. me gustaria permanecer yo soy miembro activo de las fuerzas armadas de honduras y me gradue de la carrera universitaria tecnico universitario en mecanica naval y me gustia saber mas de esta infoermacion por favor mandenme informacion a este ´

    correo hillsongmatute@hotmail.com

  406. Hi my name is apakuki matagasau, I saw this recruitment process form, I wanted so badly to apply for the next intake for next year… So no long essays jus that

  407. I am interested please

  408. i’m interested

  409. I`m really interested to join,but How can I get an application.

  410. Bonjour,
    merci pour l’opportunité je un honneur de faire partir des troupes americain

  411. I do interested in joining the recruitment team

  412. je suis de la RDCongo je veux integrer

  413. Intereste

  414. I am very interested in joining us navy seal, first of all , i wnt appreciate d us for dis great opportunity 2 defend d Nation, I hv tried so many times 2 b part of d navy, an d army, I will b glad 2 if I am picked, am a law abiding person, am skill full, an also an intelligent person, pls how can i fill d form?

  415. I am very very interested 2 b a part of USA navy seal

  416. Being a soldier is a commitment of life to serve, with dedication, his homeland and it is this body that is my homeland

  417. Olaniyan Tobi Alexander

    Well my destiny decided if am to serve as US Navy Seal or not

  418. George Boafo-Aidoo

    I’m interested to join US navy seal

  419. HANGBE Médard Didier

    Je suis intéressé voilà mon Émail

  420. I would like to recruit in this special job. can contact me on my mobile number 9456658 or email.

  421. Crispus Godwin Owere

    i am interested please send me the application link thank you

  422. Je me nomme KORIA Yves Ravel, titulaire d’un brevet de technique agricole option eaux et forêts à l’école des faunes et aires protégées de bouafle (côte d’Ivoire). Je suis intéressé par vôtre recrutement. Merci

  423. Je me prénom KORIA Yves Ravel, titulaire d’un brevet de technique agricole option eaux et forêts à l’école des aires protégées de bouafle (côte d’Ivoire),. Je suis intéressé par votre offre. Merci Son

  424. My name is Ben Vela, 28 years of age and i am very interested in joining the US NAVY SEAL…

  425. Ropate baleibaravi

    My name is ropate baleibaravi ,22 years of age and my intinterested in the joining the NAVY SEAL

  426. Ropate baleibaravi

    my name ropate baleibaravi,22 years of age and I’m interested joining th the US NAVY SEAL

  427. Theogene Twagirimana

    Am interested to join the US navy seals, and especially I want to the United States Army to fight against the terrorist all over the world

    let my dreams come true by sending me the application form via my Email:twagirathe@gmail.com

  428. If am selected to join us Navy, i will do my best to fight terralism in the world like now am doing here in Afghanistan bagram in American base, via a private security company called Reed

  429. I am interested in joining the US military

  430. Am really interested in becoming a Navy SEALS am in Liberia don’t know if this can work

  431. I’m intrested to join the US NAVY SEAL to serve and protect the United State Of America. I’m hard working and energetic person and service to the nation is my priority. Thanks
    E-mail:: cakornor75@gmail.com
    Tele:: +233547657114

  432. Bula!!
    Sainivalati, 19 from Fiji. Sir, Im interested in joining the US Navy Seal.Serving was always something i’ve wanted.
    Kindly waiting for your reply.

  433. Bula!!
    My name is Sainivalati, 19 from Fiji. Sir, im interested in joining the US Navy Seals.

  434. Sir Im interested in joining the US Navy seal.Kindly guide me with the application procedures.

  435. It’s have been my interest to be part of United States Navy not because of money or any other high private activities but to join and feel how it’s like to be in a Navy’s shoe.

  436. I want a job

  437. yes I am interested

  438. Michael Takyi Agyekum

    Please how is the application done…………..very much interested………………..Needs your help?

  439. I would love to join Navy Seal, i have nothing else to live for.

  440. Theogene Twagirimana

    am interested

  441. Theogene Twagirimana

    Hello, My name is Theogene Twagirimana, 27 Old from Rwanda.

    am very Interested to join the US navy seals.

    Thank you

  442. how to apply? I’m interested.

  443. I’m greatly interested in joining the US Navy (SEALS) consider me for this opportunity via email

  444. I wish to join the NAVY SEAL…

  445. hello I raymond apala 20 in age from papaya new Guinea. I really interested in usa navy seal enlistment to comply with your rules in working firm and hope that I am capable in this career path. Here is my contact for more information.

    PHONE +67572772502

  446. where is the link to apply? lemaholy@yahoo.fr

  447. Please I need the link to apply for the SEALs job

  448. I want to ne narvy seal

  449. Cheick Oumar CONTE

    vu votre avis de recrutement dans l’Armée américaine pour les africains sur le site http://www.ogojobs.com à travers facebook, je vous demande de biens vouloir accepter ma demande car je suis intéressé et prêt à servir une Armée qui aide et défend les plus diminues.

  450. I am extreemly interested in joining the US Army!!

  451. This is my dream job and im very very interested.please email me the application.thank you


  452. where’s the official link to apply to?

  453. Nkrumah Emmanuel Kofi

    Hi my name is Nkrumah Emmanuel Kofi from Ghana and I am interested in joining the USA Navy. It has been my passionate to join the men on the ground for protection hence,I’m grabbing this opportunity to be part of Naval team .Thank you.

  454. Please which site will I go to apply am interested

  455. My name is Mamy, I am interested to join the USA’s millitary, please send me the application link.

    Thank You.


  456. Alhaji Saleh Isyaku

    Alhaji Saleh Isyaku from Nigeria I’m interested to joining
    my email address is alhajisaleisyaku@gmail.com

  457. Okungbowa Solomon Noyzz

    My names are Solomon Noyzz OKUNGBOWA, am a Nigerian by birth. I have so desired to joining the us military. I love intelligence, informative. If given the opportunity to serve the Greatest Nation on earth( USA) I will be glad.

  458. I’m not just interested in joining the u.s military, I want to serve with all my heart and it has always been on top of my profile to join the u.s. military one day.
    So my request right now is to know how to apply.

    Thank you .


  459. Hi, I’m Guerlin Jean Gilles from Haïti, my biggest dream was always to join the US army specially the Navy Seals. Please send me the link to join the seals at that address: jeangillesguerlin51@gmail.com

    Thank you for the opportunity that you offer.

  460. Wonderful opportunity….. please tell me the application procedure and your website or give me the link..

  461. Am Nigerian Navy but if there is this opportunity of most powerfull military in world I gonna leave

  462. Honor, adhere to the code of conduct

  463. Steward Mabiria

    It has always been a dream for me to come to US. I am a recent Civil Engineering graduate Engineer. i am doing casual work currently in PNG. I will be honoured to fly to US if given the opportunity.

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